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Welcome to the Research Study on Relationships with Companion Animals and Family Members

My Name is Tanja Alvarez, I am conducting this study as part of my final research project at the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University in San Francisco. This study is about people's relationships with their companion animals and their relationships with important people in their lives. In order to participate, you need to be 18 years or older and you must be the primary caretaker of a cat or a dog, who has lived with you for at least six months. (Being the primary caretaker means that you are responsible for the animal's care most of the time.)You are also required to have a partner or spouse who has lived with you for at least six months or a child over the age of four who lives with you. Participants who have both a partner/spouse and a child will be asked about their relationship with one of them. Participation involves completing several questionnaires. In addition to a background information questionnaire, there will be questions about your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors toward your spouse/partner or child and toward your cat or dog. There are also questions about what you are like as a person in general.

Responding to the questions will take about 30 minutes. Participation in this study is voluntary, which means that you are not required to be part of this study and that you can decide to stop participation at any time. All you have to do to quit the study is exit the link. This study is designed to be completely anonymous. Therefore, your responses cannot be linked to any of your answers or your personal information.

Your participation in this research may encourage you to think about your relationships with your significant others, and with your companion animal, in a way that may promote insight into your life. Also, you may feel a sense of satisfaction having participated in research that may lead to a better understanding of our relationships with others and with companion animals.

Not everyone may be completely comfortable with all of the questions in this study. There is a very slight possibility that some questions here may cause you some distress. Should you experience undue distress due to your participation in this study, I will refer you to a licensed therapist for one free consultation. Your answers will be anonymous in that there will be no names or other identifying information on the research materials. Additionally, confidentiality will be maintained by storing all research materials in locked cabinets to which only I will have access. Only I and my supervising professor will work with them. My write up of this research project, and other reports based on this research will present group trends. If any individual results are presented to exemplify the group trends, they will be in the form of summary scores, rather than specific answers. After the final analyses have been completed, group results will be made available to those who are interested. However, individual results will not be available. If you wish to see the group results of this study, they will be available at upon completion of the study, no later than one year from now. This information will be provided again at the conclusion of this study.

Thank you in advance for participating. Please click on the button below to give your consent to participating in this study.


Please contact me if you have any questions or comments: Tanja Alvarez at